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Florida Boosts Education Standards

That’s right. Florida is taking purposeful steps to improve its educational standards.


If you were ever concerned about the educational standards of Florida, there could be a reason for your worries to cease. Right now, the state of Florida abides by the Common Core Standards. These standards are followed by 45 of the 50 states and are meant to level the playing field between students in Common Core states and the students in other states and even across the world.


Recently, the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, asked that the Florida educational standards be reevaluated and strengthened. That is exactly what has happened. After the Common Core Standard was evaluated, there were about 100 changes that needed to be made in order to strengthen and improve Florida education. These adjustments included an increase to mathematics and also the reimplementation of cursive handwriting in grade school. All of these changes focus on the same goal: “…getting our children truly prepared for a society that they need to be a part of.”


These changes will be voted on in a board meeting in February. If the changes are made, the Florida educational system will no longer abide by the Common Core Standards—but by The Florida Standards.