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IMPORTANT: Use a Buyer’s Agent!


A Buyer’s Agent specializes in the interest of the homebuyer. Most agents act as “Transaction Brokers”, meaning they can represent both sides of the deal. All day, every day, Buyer’s Agents represent ONLY their buyers. They are not trying to put you in a specific home or listing, or push a certain property. They will focus on finding the right home, negotiating the best price and obtaining the best terms for your purchase.


What are the benefits of working with a Buyer’s Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent is focused on the home buying process and will walk you through, step by step. They are familiar with the neighborhoods, schools and amenities; they will search the MLS for you to find appropriate homes and preview homes for you if necessary, saving you time. Buyers Agents do all your legwork, looking up a property’s history, the tax and insurance estimates and all related issues that may affect your purchase.

Buyer’s Agents help you organize and structure your home offer, and present the offer to the sellers on your behalf. Once the offer has been accepted, our Buyer’s Agent will be with you every step of the way to negotiate terms of contract, set up inspections and assist in the procurement of your financial assistance. They are with you from start to close.


What about Buyer (Commission) Rebates?

Smart homebuyers know a secret—a fantastic home buying experience is made even better when they receive cash back at closing! Typically, a seller offers 6% commission when they sell their home. A Buyer’s Agent will earn half of that, or 3% of the purchase price. A Buyer Rebate comes from the Buyer’s Agent side commission—so it costs YOU nothing.

How do you find the best commission rebate so as not to give up the expertise you deserve?


  1. Look for Full Service—Look for firms that offer full, comprehensive service.
  2. Look for Experience—Look for a firm that has reliably offered a rebate through all types of markets and are not using it as a gimmick; as well as are experienced Buyer’s Agents and not “jack-of-all-trades”.
  3. Look for Local Expertise—Many rebate firms are extending their service areas in order to claim market share. However, if they are not physically situated in the area, they cannot provide full service and the in depth knowledge of neighborhoods, schools and area amenities that will be so important in your decision.


True Real Estate has only experienced agents. You will work directly with the Broker or licensed REALTOR—not an assistant. Half our commission goes to you at closing, up to 1.5% of the purchase price of the property.

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