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Publications Which Feature William True

William True has had the honor of being in the paper and various magazines many times.


Here is a list of the publications which feature William True:

Today’s Buyer’s Rep – November 2013

William True was inducted into the 2013 REBAC Hall of Fame along with three other agents. They are featured on page 2 of the November 2013 issue of Today’s Buyer’s Rep.

REALTOR Magazine – November/December 2013

William True’s induction into the 2013 REBAC Hall of Fame was also featured on page 6 of the REALTOR Magazine. You will find a little but about each inductee under the section titled “4 Paths to the Top”.


Sarasota REALTOR Magazine– December 2013

William True’s class “Lead Generating Technologies and Website Strategies” was featured in the Sarasota REALTOR Magazine. This class takes place on January 8, 2014 from 9:30am-12:30pm and will cover information about how to generate more leads and utilize your website to its fullest potential.

Florida REALTOR Magazine– August 2013

In August, True was featured in the Tech & You section of the Florida REALTOR Magazine. In this two-page spread, he explains how he has used LIVE streaming webcams to promote his market, increase web traffic to his site and encourage conversation.

Florida REALTOR Magazine– September 2013

When asked about what was trending in real estate techniques, True told Florida REALTOR Magazine about how he was starting to experiment with using drones. True explained how he controls his drone with his iPad or iPhone and uses it to take pictures and video of the community he services (Sarasota, FL).

Business Weekly – Herald Tribune – September 9, 2013

William True, Vernon Ball and Sarasota Helping Hands, LLC. were featured in the article “Patient Buying at a 10th of the boom price” in the Herald Tribune. This article was about how True and Ball strategically bought and sold Sarasota homes, making a large profit.


Sarasota REALTOR Magazine– November 2011

William True was featured on the front page of the Sarasota REALTOR Magazine for his dedication to continuing his education and providing his clients with the best service possible. True currently boasts 19 certifications and designations.


REAL Insider – January 2014

William True was featured on page 14 of the REAL Insider magazine due to his induction into the 2013 REBAC Hall of Fame.