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Sarasota Beaches Pristine

While many anxiously await news on the track the oil will take through the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota residents are enjoying some of the most beautiful beach days we have had in a long time.

Crystal waters and bright blue skies have combined to make this a fantastic beach season. 

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) released six computer models this week showing possible landfall and travel of the oil. The composite model showed Sarasota beaches to be well out of range of danger. Local boaters have cited the gulfstream and loop currents as deterrents to oil ever making it here, now the scientists agree.

Sarasota was recently named the one of the best values in the world. The market was decidedly on an upswing, until trepidation over the oil began to dampen enthusiasm. As buyers’ agents who watch the market closely, we suspect that as soon as the general public is assured that the oil will not be here, the Sarasota market is likely to explode; a combination of beautiful beaches and extraordinary values. Do not miss out on the best deals which exist right now.