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Sarasota Schools Return August 23

Sarasota, Florida Schooling

Back in 2001, when I was deciding where to relocate and buy a new home, Sarasota rose to the top of the list because of its excellent school system. Ok, I admit it, it had an excellent school system AND an excellent beach! But going into our 10th year in the Sarasota public school system, I have to report the schools have not disappointed.

And neither has Siesta Key beach.  But that’s another blog entirely.

When I arrived, my daughter was entering 3rd grade, and my son was a baby. My daughter this year will be dual enrolled in college, and my son enters middle school. How time has flown. The Sarasota school system has continued its tradition of excellence, and Sarasota families enjoy not only top notch public education, but a wide range of charter public schools as well, including the Imagine Schools, Oak Park Schools, and Pine View.

Please be aware on August 23rd and beyond, that streets devoid of children this week will be crawling with them next week. Bus stops are throughout most neighborhoods; also within 1 mile of any school you can expect kids on bikes and on foot darting across the street. Please be aware.

Since I have moved here, Sarasota residents have faithfully supported the schools, and it shows in our rankings and test scores. Let’s help keep our kids safe this year – welcome back, kids!