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Why a Buyer Agent?



A buyer agent is one who acts on the behalf of the buyer in a capacity known in Florida as a “single agent”. This means the agent represents the buyer as a client, not just a customer, and has fiduciary duties to said, the client. Using a single agent is the only way a consumer is guaranteed loyalty in a real estate transaction in the State of Florida.


1. 100% Allegiance.

Buyer Agents have 100% loyalty to the buyer from the onset of the relationship through the closing.

At True Real Estate it’s our mission to represent the best interests of the buyer, which means we are focused on you, the buyer, from initial search and evaluation of properties to your closing on your dream home or investment. Buyer Agents also referred to as Buyer Representatives or Buyer Brokers, are consumer advocates who always represent the best interests of the buyer in Sarasota area Real Estate. As Buyer Agents for Sarasota area Real Estate, we’re on your side 100%, every step of the way. Read why experts agree that Buyers Agents are the best choice!

2. Free and Specialized Service.

Buyer Agents, who represent only 1% of all real estate firms nationwide, are true specialists in the buying process, and in Florida, our services are free to buyers.

In the past, all real estate agents represented sellers, and home buyers had to fend for themselves. Today, some real estate agents, such as our team of REALTORS® at True Sarasota Real Estate, have chosen to advocate solely for buyers, giving buyers a chance to have their own professional and highly skilled representation.

3. No Conflict of Interest.

Buyer Agents never have a conflict of interest between you and a seller.

When you work with traditional real estate agents, you run the risk that they might also be representing the seller, leading to the conflict of interest which most likely won’t benefit you, the buyer. Meanwhile, we spend our days focused on the needs, objectives, and issues of buyers.

4. Searches Tailored to You.

Buyer Agents will show you any listing from any seller with complete candor – including For Sale by Owner, REO / bank-owned / foreclosures, and short sales.

While traditional agents might be tempted to steer you toward a specific home or listing that belongs to one of their sellers, we never face that conundrum, and only show you properties that are ideal for you. Since we are constantly reviewing all the real estate listings available (from companies, individuals and organizations), we know the real estate market better than most.

5. Candid Property Valuations.

Buyer Agents, who assist buyers in property valuations, can be completely candid about any property, making it their job to point out negatives as well as positives to help you make a fully informed decision.

When we take pictures of a property to show you, we don’t photoshop them for you. We want you to see the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of every property — so you won’t have any surprises later.

6. Buyer Negotiation.

Buyer Agents, who only represent the buyer’s side in real estate transactions, are specially trained and skilled in negotiating the best contract, terms, and price for you, the buyer.

As Sarasota area Buyers Agents, we always work to get the best price and terms for you, the buyer, not for the seller. This may not be true of traditional agents who represent both buyers and sellers.

7. Highest Quality Service.

Perhaps most importantly, Buyer Agents give today’s home buying consumers the high quality of service, advocacy, and information that you truly deserve. Read more below about our services here at True Sarasota Real Estate.

At True Real Estate, we’re experts on the home buying process, and we’re ready to walk you through the process, step by step. We save time for you, when possible, by previewing homes for sale. We do all your legwork, searching the MLS; researching a property’s history, the tax, and insurance estimates; exploring the surrounding neighborhood; and inspecting related issues that may affect your purchase.

If you are buying a home or real estate investment in the Sarasota, FL area, we will help you structure your offer and we will present your offer to the seller on your behalf. Every step of the way, we work closely with you to negotiate the terms of the contract, set-up inspections, assist in the procurement of loans and financial assistance – from initial property searches to closing on your new property.

The nature of our business dictates that we constantly review Sarasota area real estate – a LOT of Sarasota area real estate – gated communities, golf communities, condominiums, luxury estates, townhouses, and more. So when you tell us what type of property you are seeking, we have the best resources and advanced technology to target your requirements. We are extremely familiar with the neighborhoods, schools, beaches, and amenities of the Sarasota area, and since we spend our days previewing and reviewing new property listings, home price reductions, and Sarasota area real estate news, we are more than ready to lead you to the property of your dreams on the Gulf Coast of Southwest Florida.

When purchasing real estate in the Sarasota area, you will be doing yourself a favor by working with a TRUE Real Estate Buyer Agent!