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Look who is In the Florida Realtor Magazine!

Smile!   You’re on Candid Camera

A couple of years ago, I started a website ( to promote Sarasota, Florida by using webcams and showcasing local events. I used this website as a “back door” for my real estate website, This way, if someone falls in love with Sarasota, they have easy access to a real estate agent who can help make their dreams come true. Yes, it works.


This is why I was interviewed about how to use webcams as a real estate professional for the “Tech & You” section of the Florida Realtor Magazine. This article includes the benefits, costs and Search Engine Optimization or SEO aspects of utilizing web cameras. There are also tips from my personal experience and some basic steps on how to get started. You should check it out!


If you don’t receive the magazine in the mail, check it out here: Florida Realtor Magazine | Smile! You’re on Candid Camera


Photo Courtesy of Florida Realtor Magazine