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North Port Estates



Have you ever dreamed of living out in the country, but didn’t want to feel so isolated from the conveniences of a populated area?

Located north of I-75, The North Port Estates beckons you to come. This idyllic community is like stepping back in time to a place when life was simpler, and the only lights you can see at night are the stars above. Where you’ll see boundless undisturbed nature and wildlife, a pastoral setting with elegant homes on acreage, and yes, plenty of horses.

Many of the lots in the North Port Estates are 3 acres or more, and zoned AG (agricultural). This is the zoning that allows residents to keep horses on their property. You will find both romantic country style as well as modern Florida homes in the North Port Estates. In the area closer to I-75, you can purchase homes on standard sized lots for prices about the same as homes west of the highway, yet still live the North Port Estates lifestyle.

While seemingly a world away, the North Port Estates offers close access to the interstate, at Sumter Blvd. (exit 182) and Toledo Blade Blvd. (exit 179), about halfway in between Sarasota and Fort Myers, making for an easy commute to either city. Publix shopping centers are located at both Sumter and Toledo Blade at Price Blvd., making a shopping trip just a short distance for residents of the North Port Estates. Each center offers a variety of stores and restaurants for our convenience. The new Suncoast Technical College and Sarasota County Library are now open at the corner of Cranberry Blvd. and Toledo Blade, just a few minutes from the eastern portion of the North Port Estates, offering many educational opportunities for career programs, as well as adult continuing education. A new 7-11 gas station and convenience store is being built right across from the SCT and Library, and will be open 24 hours a day. City Hall, just across I-75 on Sumter Blvd., features a weekly farmer’s market every friday, where many residents of the Estates sell foods they have grown on their land. Having such amenities so close to the North Port Estates further distinguishes the community from the Equestrian communities located east of I-75 in Sarasota County (off Fruitville Road) and Manatee County, out to Myakka City. Not only are we just as close a driving distance to Sarasota, and not only are our properties much more affordable, but we also have modern conveniences close by. The North Port Estates is a community but there is no homeowner’s association and the related fees that come with an HOA, and there are no deed restrcitions here.

While North Port continues to grow in population, the North Port Estates is destined to remain the beautiful, rural-style community it is today, thanks to the vision of our founders, and the platted layout of the North Port Estates.


Trusted, True Real Estate, Inc. Services

The North Port Estates is a very unique community. You will greatly benefit from the experience of a trusted expert in the North Port Estates. Stephen Schoenfeld is an award winning Realtor who served as the representative for real estate on the Community Economic Development Advisory Board for the City of North Port, in its inaugural year, at the request of the North Port City Commission. He can help you avoid a costly mistake on the most important and expensive purchase you will ever make.

What are some of the issues and why do you need someone with unsurpassed knowledge of the North Port Estates? Do you remember the commercial of a flooded home, with the homeowner on the telephone saying “But I don’t live anywhere near the water!”?

The North Port Estates is about a half hour away from the nearest beaches. But there is a strip of the North Port Estates around the Myakkahatchee Creek that is a designated FEMA flood zone. When the rains come to the North Port Estates as they do every summer, many of the streets in this strip get flooded and if you have a mortgage, you will need to purchase flood insurance. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, you should be concerned not only about flooding, but the future resale value of your home.

While nobody has a crystal ball, the reality is that FEMA is essentially broke, and flood insurance rates have been kept artificially low because the congressional representatives of coastal communities across America have fought to keep them low. Eventually, that could change, as economic realities dictate that the current rates are simply not sustainable.

Are you interested perhaps in just buying a vacant acreage lot, to build your future dream home, or hold for price appreciation? Some lots in the North Port Estates have large portions of Wetlands on them. Wetland mitigation is extremely costly and could prohibit building, or make building so expensive as to be not practicable.

Have you ever heard of the Florida scrub jay? This beautiful little bird looks nearly identical to the common blue jay but it is an endangered species that is only found in the North Port and North Port Estates area. If there are scrub jays on your lot, you will have mitigation issues that can be very costly.

These are just some of the issues facing potential buyers. Which is why you need the expert in the North Port Estates to help you.


Searching on-line for North Port Estates homes for sale or vacant land? While we are the only Real Estate website dedicated to The Estates, it is possible to search other Real Estate websites for homes in our community. We have studied these searches and most of them show only a limited number of homes and lots for sale. We researched this and concluded that these searches rely on a field in the MLS for “subdivision” which must be entered by the listing agents as “North Port Charlotte Estates” in order to show up in their search features. This MLS field is subject to human error. Rather than rely on each Realtor to enter the correct information, we designed our search feature to be different. The in-house IT team at and TRUE Real Estate created a custom search, by longitute and latitude rather than a field in the MLS. That is why our search for North Port Estates Real Estate produces results typically four to five times greater than most other Real Estate websites. If you are searching for homes for sale or vacant land in The Estates, you have come to the right place!


Working with the team at will be an educational process as our desire is for you to be as well informed as possible throughout the process and ultimately to be happy with your decision and purchase. You will learn things about zoning laws, flood zones, homeowner associations, and how the age of the home and type of construction can affect your insurance as well as your future resale value. We have developed good working relationships with mortgage lenders, title companies, home inspectors, and insurance companies in an effort to provide our clients will full and comprehensive service.


Our home market and coverage area is the City of North Port and the North Port Estates. We also provide service coverage for all of Sarasota County, Manatee County, and Charlotte County. We have lived and worked in this area for over 18 years and are familiar with all of the towns and cities in our 3 county region. We enjoy working with a diverse clientele and recognize that different people have different wants and needs. We enjoy selling all kinds of properties, from acreage homes, to single family homes, to maintenance free condos, townhouses, and villas. We have worked with first time home buyers, step-up buyers, buyers downsizing, second or vacation home buyers, and investors.

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