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Sarasota Buyer Agent vs Exclusive Buyer Agent

Whether you are purchasing your primary residence, a second home, or an investment property, it’s a significant investment. This is why buyer brokerage is so important. In order to achieve the best results, you need an Sarasota buyer agent who exclusively works for you.

Finding such an agent can be an overwhelming task. Almost all licensed brokerages work for both buyers and sellers. Commonly, the buyer agent you thought was on your side, is happy to show you his own listings. Working for both you and the seller is clearly a conflict of interest. That’s the big difference between a buyer agent and an exclusive buyer agent. So be sure to ask for a Sarasota exclusive buyer agent instead of just a Sarasota buyer agent.

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The only way for an exclusive buyer brokerage to represent both the buyer and the seller is by use of dual agency, which is illegal in Florida. The closest thing to dual agency in Florida is a transaction broker. But hey only represent the transaction, not you!

What’s the difference?

Almost all agents are buyer agents AND seller agents, meaning they work both sides of the fence. Less than 1% of Realtors are exclusive buyer agents, as it’s very hard for agents to pass on that million-dollar listing!

Exclusive buyer agents work for an exclusive buyer agency or brokerage. This means nobody in the entire company ever takes listings or works with home sellers. Utilizing the services of an exclusive buyer is the best way to ensure you’ll receive 100% loyalty and confidentiality. This is critical when purchasing residential real estate in Sarasota or anywhere else in Florida.

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How good are they?

Most exclusive buyer agents are at the top of their game, with extensive education, practical experience, and local knowledge. And they represent to the extent they owe you fiduciary duties. They are truly on your side, so why take chances with such an important purchase?

True Real Estate is an exclusive buyer brokerage serving Sarasota County, Florida.