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Sellers List for Less!



Considering selling your home in the greater Sarasota area? You always have a variety of options. You can go with “full service” big brand name Real Estate companies, many of which will be more than happy to list your home for sale in exchange for 6% of the sales price, with 3% typically going to the listing agent, and 3% typically going to the buyer agent. Many even throw added fees on top of the sales commission, and call it a broker’s fee or a transaction fee. They’ll add $199, $299, even $399 to your bill and justify it as necessary to retain paperwork, when in fact, keeping records is just part of our job.

You could also go the route of trying to sell your house without an agent (For Sale By Owner). Most buyer agents won’t show your property without an offer of compensation (typically 3%) and buyer agents typically prefer not to deal directly with the seller, knowing they’re not working with a licensed, trained professional on the transaction. Such transactions usually require extra work for the buyer agent. You won’t save 6% on a FSBO unless you get really lucky and find a ready, willing, and able buyer who is not working with a buyer agent as most buyers do. To realize a 3% savings on your sale, you’ll have to take on the responsibility of marketing your property, scheduling showings, negotiating with a trained professional on the other side, and many other intricate details to arrive to a successful closing.

TRUE REAL ESTATE offers an alternative:

We will list your home for just 1.5% plus co-broke for a total of 4.5% commission, saving you 1.5% of the purchase price. And you’ll receive the benefit of full-service from a team of licensed real estate professionals. We’ll offer our advice for staging, provide you with a valuation range, take professional pictures, post a sign, place your home in the MLS, which will send your listing to all the real estate websites such as Zillow, Trulia,, and others, and we’ll handle the negotiation, contract, and coordination with the title company.


Prefer the challenge of trying to For Sale By Owner? Give yourself exposure to buyers and buyer agents by placing your home in the MLS. We offer this service for only $199.

Restrictions apply. Real Estate commissions are negotiable in the State of Florida. 1.5% listings also include an offer of compensation to buyer agents, for which we recommend 3%. Homes sales above $200,000 qualify for this offer. For homes or condos priced below $200,000 we provide a discounted rate accordingly. Flat Free MLS clients are in a no-brokerage relationship and service is limited to MLS entry only.