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Tortoise Estates



What many visitors to the Key don’t even realize is that there is a whole other facet to Siesta Key. Further south beyond the Stickney Point Causeway, the Key becomes lush and tropical; rental condos give way to lavish single family homes amongst the trees. Some of the estates in this part of Siesta range from large to truly palatial. Whether sitting on the Bay or the Gulf, these homes are often a surprise to those more used to the casual atmosphere of the mid-Key.

The south end of Siesta Key is quieter as it is removed from the bustle of the village. For those not desiring the tourist ambiance, south Key is a great choice. Whether living on the Bay, Gulf or along the shores of tranquil Heron Lagoon, this is a different world. Turtle Beach is no Siesta Beach, certainly, as the white sand beach has begun to give way to more “ordinary” sand; and the beach is smaller. However, the Gulf views, often far more secluded than those to the north, are just as stunning. There is also a canoe and kayak launch, as well as great fishing spots. Turtles on the Bay provides both a sit down restaurant and bar to accommodate the South Key locals. This area includes Tortoise Estates, Heron Lagoon, Twin Oak Pond and Ocean View.

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